Why Can’t I See Who Screenshotted My Story on Snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant messenger that allows you to keep conversation going in the form of snaps/pictures or you can also chat with your friends using texts. It has also started offering audio video call services so you don’t have to switch between apps to connect with your friends. Regularly the app is getting way more better and is filled with features that keeps you engaged. But, the uses of the app always depend on person to person. If you are just into sharing snaps everyday to increase your snap score and want to keep the streak alive, you might also be the one interested in sharing stories. You might also have the idea that these stories can be screenshotted without your consent and you won’t be notified about the same. Are you wondering how you can see who screenshotted your snap story? Well, here we will tell you how to find out the person who has screenshotted your snap story and also we will answer the question that we have recently received, “Why Can’t I See Who Screenshotted My Story on Snapchat?”

How to see who screenshotted your Snapchat story?

  • Open up Snapchat.
  • Head over to your story—it’s in the top-left corner.
  • Find the story you’re curious about and give it a tap.
  • Look for that snazzy screenshot icon at the bottom—it’s the one with a green triangle and lines radiating out.
  • Voila! Here you can spot who took a screenshot of your story!

Why Can’t I See Who Screenshotted My Story on Snapchat?

When you are unable to check who has screenshotted your snapchat story, you might be worried about it. You might be facing this problem because of network issue or some system glitch. Or maybe nobody has took a snapshot of your story? Still, if you are worried about it, you can connect with Snapchat support and maybe they will help you out regarding the same.

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