PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow

“PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow” – A Simple Guide

Just noticed the light indicator of your PS4 controller is stuck to be Yellow/Orange and fail to change or turn to any other colour. This blog will let you understand why PS4 controller flashing yellow light appears and what does it indicate. It commonly happens on PS4 that when you plugged-in the controller it continues … Read more

ESPN Activation

ESPN Everywhere: Here’s ESPN Activation Guide for Different Devices

If you are eager to know about how to access this app on your device, here’s a comprehensive guide to let you know everything about ESPN activation on different devices including Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV and so on. About ESPN App: ESPN (previously known as ESPN ScoreCenter and ESPN SportsCenter) keeps … Read more

NP-34957-8 error on PS4

Enjoy Seamless Gaming: Learn To Fix NP-34957-8 Playstation Error

The Playstation 4 (PS4), backed by Sony is regarded as one of the most popular gaming consoles in the global market. Though most of the Playstation admirers and console gamers prefer PS4 over other competitive brands including the likes of the Xbox One X, they often get annoyed by several server communication errors. NP-34957-8 error is … Read more