How to Download & Install SmartNews for PC

Smartnews for PC: In the market, these days you can find a lot of portals claiming to be one of the best news sources out there. But, sadly, half of them are biased or are just like any other average news service.

We too are fond of keeping ourselves updated with the information going across the world, and that’s why we started researching for a service that was both reliable and effective.

After a lot of analysis, we arrived to the conclusion that we would go with Smartnews for PC.

What is SmartNews

Download SmartNews (Android & iOS)


In simple words, SmartNews is nothing but a major news source app where you can get to consume stories and news from a variety of publications right from The Verge to USA Today. The app sports a very simple and user friendly design. Trust us, you are not going to regret trying out SmartNews for Windows 10.

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SmartNews is popular not only in the US but even in Japan as Japan is said to be its home country. The service has reached a sort of cult status as it’s known for offering reliable information only from the most trusted and reliable news publishers.

Features of SmartNews App

  • It’s a completely free of cost news sharing app and hopefully will remain the same in the future too. 
  • The experience is mostly ad-free. It’s not like other news apps out there that are filled with annoying popups and ads 
  • There are a lot of categories that you can choose from including education, entertainment, politics, etc. If you don’t like a certain category, then you can only opt for the ones that are within your interests. 
  • An user friendly and simple to use interface. You should get started using it just after a few minutes of briefing up. 
  • It’s updated frequently with all kinds of headlines, breaking news, etc 
  • It has an offline download feature which basically allows you to even read news without your Internet connection. 
  • There’s a popular feature known as, “news from all sides” that basically allows you to understand how different parts of the world are perceiving a specific issue.

How to Download SmartNews for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac

SmartNews is officially an app but a lot of people don’t spend much time on their mobiles, instead they tend to use more of their PC.

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If you are maybe more inclined towards using PC, but still want to keep yourself updated with the updates happening across the globe then you must install SmartNews for PC, Windows & Mac, etc.

Before we get ahead to the step by step procedure of installing SmartNews for PC, we want to make it clear that there’s no official app of SmartNews for PC.

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Henceforth, we will be relying upon a popular Android emulator, which goes by the name, Bluestacks.

  • Visit the official Bluestacks website. From there, download the correct OS version of Bluestacks as per your system.
  • Once you have the Bluestacks setup downloaded on your PC, just open it and follow the on-screen instructions to get the emulator installed on your device.
  • Open up Bluestacks and head directly to Google Play Store. Click on the search icon and type in “SmartNews”
  • Normally, the search results would come up. Click on the right search and let the Download begin.
  • Once installed, you will be able to find SmartNews in your app drawer.


We hope that you would have understood everything important about SmartNews for PC. SmartNews runs mainly on algorithm but still it has its own editorial team also which manually makes sure that only the reliable information is reaching up to its users.

The main intention of us informing about SmartNews for desktop, Mac, etc is just to make the work easier for the editors, journalists, etc who spend major of their time on the PC.

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