Login Instagram Without Phone Number? – Here’s An Alternative

A lot of Instagram users as well as non-users have often enquired for the ways to login Instagram without phone number. If you are also from the same league and want to know about how to create Instagram account without phone number? This blog article will be of great help.

We have compiled this piece of writing to let you learn the alternative ways to create an account on Instagram if you don’t want to register with your phone number.  So let’s dive into the topic and check it out to login Instagram without phone number.

How to set up Instagram profile?

Instagram, in the current times, is one of the leading social media with over billions of active users. No matter whether you love sharing photos or videos with friends or like to communicate for business, Instagram is just a perfect place. People use to create and publish content for personal or commercial purpose via their Instagram posts and stories.

So the question comes, how can you set up an Instagram profilet? And, does it require your phone number to create an account on Instagram?

Well, you can easily create an account by navigating to the official site of Instagram, landing of the login page and then clicking on the sign up option. To answer the second question above – you are required to verify your account and it can be done either by using an email address or a valid phone number. Hence, it is not mandatory for you to give your phone number to verify your account as you can alternatively use your email for this process.

Why to avoid login with phone number?

Though it is completely fine and safe to login Instagram with your personal phone number, a lot of users are of opine to avoid it. As none of your information will be disclosed to anyone, it is safe to use your phone number for creating an account on Instagram. Yet people prefer the other way because of following reasons:

  • Firstly, they don’t want to receive any commercial communication such as promotional emails/texts or other personalized ads.
  • Secondly, they may have multiple accounts and would like to keep details separate from each other.
  • Thirdly, they just tend to create a supplementary account targeting a few more followers for business purposes.

Note: There may also be various other motives for not login with phone number, which are not included in the list above.

Now, coming to the main concern i.e.; how can you set up your Instagram profile without using your mobile number? Here’s an easy guide to tell you about login Instagram account without phone number.

How to login Instagram without phone number?

In order to create an Instagram account without using your personal phone number, you just have to select the Sign up with Email address as an alternative of a phone number. However, if the platform keeps asking you to verify your number, you can simply add a virtual phone number and get going.

Principal method: Use email address

Follow this step-by-step guide to create an Instagram account without a phone number.

  • Launch the Instagram app/ or Navigate to the official website of Instagram
  • Open the main interface of Instagram, here you will see a login or signup page
  • Now tap on ‘Don’t have an account? Sign up’ option.
  • You will now be asked to sign up with your phone number or email address, select Email instead of a phone number.
  • Here on the next screen, enter your email address and click on the next button.
  • Next, enter your name and password to create your account.
  • Thereafter you will be asked to sync your contacts, if you want to sync the contacts click on the “continue with Sync contacts” option else select the option “continue without syncing”.  (Note: syncing your contacts will help you to find your friends).
  • Finally, you will be asked to add an avatar and other necessary details to setup your new Instagram account.

That’s how you can set up Instagram account using you email address. But what if you don’t have a mail id and also you like to avoid login with phone number? What to do in such case, is there still any alternative to it. Let’s find out here…

Alternative method: use third-party apps

Whereas it is possible to verify your Instagram through email, if you don’t want to add your phone number for login process; there is still a possibility to create Insta account for those who do not want to disclose both the phone number as well as email address. Here’s how to proceed in that case.

If you don’t want to use your active personal mobile number and even your email address for verification, you can use third-party apps to generate a virtual mobile number. Similarly there are certain websites which will let you to create virtual phone number and you can use that number for verifying your Instagram.

For instance, to create a virtual phone number you can navigate to the website called “TextNow”, enter a 3-digit pin code, and then click on the “submit” button. This will generate a virtual mobile number for you, provide the same to Instagram, and immediately you will receive a text code for verification on TextNow. Now enter this 6-digit security text code on Instagram to have your account verified.

Summing Up:

That’s all you have to do to login Instagram without phone number. If you are reluctant to create an Instagram account without disclosing your original contact details to the platform, try using either of the methods mentioned above in the article.

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