Teasing Trick to Try: Here’s How to Send a Black Message on Social Media

A few notorious netizens habitually try one or the other prank to tease their fellow users on Social platforms. If you are looking for one such thing just to have fun by pulling your friend’s leg or want to make them scratch their head. We have compiled this blog article to tell you a distinctive prank of sending blank messages. You might have tried it earlier on your WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram profiles using spaces but couldn’t get it done. Well, here through this article you will learn about how to send a blank message and make your friends wonder how you have managed to do it.

So with no ado, let’s learn the trick and get ready to tease others by going blank at them….

Why Sending Blank Message on Social Media?

Sending blank messages on Social Media like, Whatsapp or Messenger sounds pretty interesting but a bit weird at the same time. To be honest, the only obvious reason behind sending a blank message to someone is just to tease the person. When you intent to send blank messages to your friends or other users, you most likely want to have fun or to do a prank just to laugh at it.

If you want to know about certain ways by which you can send blank messages to people across different platforms, this is perhaps the right place to learn and have a go at it.

It is quite possible to send blank messages on social media without using any extra app. For the purpose of sending a blank message to your friend or someone else without using any specific app you need to perform the stepwise methods provided here in the article. Moreover you can have an advantage of using certain third-party apps to send a blank message to users on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and so on.

Let’s take them one by one and learn how to send blank messages on different social platforms.

Send blank messages on WhatsApp & Messenger [without App]

You can effortlessly send Blank Messages on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media messaging apps using the blank character by pasting it into the chat box.

All you need to do is to copy ☛ (⠀) the blank character (provided inside the brackets), get it pasted into the typing area of the chat box and then send it.

This by far is the simplest and most effective method of sending a blank message on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Just copy the blank character above and paste it onto your message box.

Alternatively you can also use apps to generate blank characters which you are required to copy & paste to send a blank message.

Having all that said, let’s move towards understanding the detailed step-by-step process of sending blank messages on several platforms.

How to Send blank messages on WhatsApp

To send the blank message on WhatsApp, you need to perform following steps:

  • Launch the WhatsApp Messenger app on your device and open the Chat section.
  • Tap on the chat with the person to whom you want to send the blank message.
  • Here you will notice that if you just go on putting blank spaces using spacebar, you won’t get the send option rather it just shows up the MIC symbol.
  • To get the send option you need to enter or put the blank character copied from the blank character ‘⠀’ (within the quotation).
  • Now paste the same character into the chatbox, you will get to see the send button (paper-plane icon)
  • Lastly tap on this icon to send the blank message to the user on the other side of the chat.

Note: This method will let you send only a single space blank message no matter how many times you paste and put the copied blank character in chat inbox.

How to Send Blank Message on Messenger (Facebook)

If you are thinking to try the same method to send blank message on Facebook Messenger, you can surely go ahead with it. To your surprise the method work well there as well and will give you the matching results. Here are the steps you must undertake to send a blank message to user on Facebook:

  • Launch Facebook Messenger app on your device and log in to your account by entering valid credentials (if you are not logged in)
  • Now just open the chat with the person to whom you want to send a blank message.
  • In case of Facebook Messenger you will notice that ‘Like’ symbol appears on the chatbox if there is nothing to be send to the person. Same as that of WhatsApp if you type spaces, you would be able to get the send option.
  • To get the send option, you must add blank character on the chatbox by copying it from here ‘⠀’ (blank character inside the inverted commas).
  • As soon as you paste the copied character in the chatbox, the send button will appear
  • Finally tap on that send button and get the job done.

The user on the other end will receive a blank message. So that’s all you have to do for sending a blank message on Messenger.

How to Send Blank Message on Snapchat using character

On Snapchat, you can either send snaps to the user or type some text or stickers in the chat section to send it their way. If you want to send a message without typing anything you won’t get an option to send it. But there’s nothing to worry the same method applies to Snapchat also.

In order to send blank message on Snapchat, you need to consider the process mentioned underneath:

  • Open Snapchat and swipe right to open Chat section.
  • Select the chat with the person to whom you want to send blank message.
  • Copy the character given between the inverted commas ‘⠀’ and then paste the same in the chatbox.
  • Click the send button and you will get to see that your blank message is gone.

Send a Blank Message using App

If you want to know another method so as to send a blank text to your family members, friends or other social media users, you can have this option of using third party apps. There are numerous apps available of accomplishing the task of sending blank message.

You can just go to the Google Play store and install apps such as Empty Messages, Blank Message, Blank Empty Message Generator and so on. However we won’t recommend you to use such applications as there is always an element of risk associated with the use of these apps.

Still if you want to go with them, just install any of these apps. Launch the installed app and go texting blank by selecting a particular contact on WhatsApp, Messenger or so on.

Summing Up:

That’s all you have to do to send a blank message to someone. You have just learned about way to send blank messages, now use the above mentioned tricks and keep teasing your dear ones by texting them blank messages.

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