[2023] How to Delete Recently Watched Movies on Netflix

Netflix is one of the most loved platform for watching web series and movies over internet. It is not just limited to a particular device. You can access your account on multiple devices like a TV, mobile device, Tablet or on your desktop or laptop. It allows you to add up to 4 profiles along with a kids profile. Different people at your home can have their separate profile and keep the track of their favorite programs and get personalized notifications. However, these profiles aren’t enough to keep your profile and watch history private. So, what would you do to keep your watch history private from others? Well, the best way is to delete the recently watched movies. But how? Don’t worry because today we will guide you on How to Delete Recently Watched Movies on Netflix in 2023.

How to Delete Recently Watched Movies on Netflix

In case you want to delete your recently watched movies or series on Netflix, you can follow the below mentioned steps to do so.

  • Use a web browser and go to your Netflix account.
  • Open the profile and parental controls for the particular profile.
  • Now open the viewing activity of that profile.
  • In viewing activity, you will find all the titles (movies/series). Just click on the hide icon next to the episode or movie. Also when you’re hiding an episode, you will see another option that will allow you to hide the entire series.
  • If you want to hide all the viewing history, you can select the Hide all option from the bottom of the page.

What happens when you hide a watched movie?

This is what happens when you hide a movie or series that you have recently watched on Netflix:

Note : When you hide a movie or series on Netflix, it might take up to 24 hours to make changes on all your device. Also these titles can’t be hidden if this activity page is opened using Netflix Kids profile.


Can I Delete Recently Watched Movies on Netflix?

Yes, you can remove the recently watched titles from Netflix. It is easy to do. Just follow the above mentioned method to do so.

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