Facebook Messenger Gets New Shortcuts Including Silent Replies

Facebook Messenger now includes new features and shortcuts, including: a shortcut to notify all the members in a group when you have a new message, sending silent messages without notifying your friends with a little GIF icon, and  more. Similarly, users can send silent messages through the Messenger app. All they have to do is start the message with /silent. Sending a message with /Silent will ensure that other members in the chat are not interrupted by unnecessary pop-up. The ability to send silent messages is already available on Instagram as “@silent”. Rival messaging service Telegram introduced this feature in 2019. Currently, Messenger allows users to tag a specific user’s name in a chat. Starting today they will be able to tag everyone in the group. To notify all participants in the chat, simply start your message with @everyone. The company in its latest blog post said, “You likely know that typing “@” and a person’s name will tag that specific person in the chat. But what about when you want to grab everyone’s attention? Or maybe you just want to share a thought, but don’t need an immediate response?

”There will be new shortcuts in the coming weeks. /pay will let you send and request money directly from the Messenger chatbox and will soon also be available on iOS and Android in the US.

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