Where is The  IP Address on  a Roku TV?

The IP Address on a Roku TV can be found with or without a remote. Lets see the ways of finding ip address of roku tv

How to find the IP address of Roku tv with the help of remote?

I) Open the setting from the Roku main menu II) search “networking” option III) Find “about” in submenu IV) There, you will find the IP Address of your Roku tv

With the Remoku Chrome Extension

Remoku is the Roku remote add-on for Google Chrome. You can easily find the IP Address of Roku tv With the help of Remoku

I) Google search for ”Chrome Apps” and then search for “remoku” in it II) Select “Add to Chrome” to add it to chrome

III) Open remoku via the icon and the virtual remote will be pop open IV) Select settings from the menu.

V) Under the settings menu all tools are available for connecting to your roku VI) In the first line, make the IP address pattern match your network VII) Remoku will scan through your network’s range of IP Addresses. When it finds them, it will list out for you and you can find Roku's IP Address.

IP address from your router

I)Open any web browser and log in to your router’s admin interface II) Now sign in to the router and browse to the status page III) Your router will identify the roku devices on your network; they will be listed by name next to their IP  Address.

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