What is a router and Modem?

Today we will tell you about Router and Modem

But first, let's start with What is a Router

The device that connects two or more subnetworks or packet switched networks is called a router.

The router serves the primary functions

 I) the router is Managing the subnetworks by forwarding data packets to their IP Addresses.

II) The router allows multiple devices to use the same internet connection.

 Now lets see what is the modem?

The device that enables a computer to send or receive data over telephone or cable line is known as modem.

The modem converts digital signal into analog and vice versa

The modem is a combination of modulator and demodulator


when the data is being sent by computer the modulator converts digital data into analog data.

When the data is being received to the computer the demodulator converts analog data into the digital data..


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