What is 5G UC?

5G UC stands for 5G ULTRA CAPACITY

If you are using the latest phone on the T-mobile cellular network, you can see the ‘5G UC’ icon on the status bar.

This indicates that you are connected to a type of 5G network, and you can only see it on iPhones or Android phones with 5G support.

5G UC is based on the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) method of modulating a digital signal across several different channels to reduce interference.

5G UC helps you to make calls, video, and other communication that will be smoother, lag-free, and non-pixelated.

The frequencies that can be provide 5G UC is

– Band n41 (2.5 GHz) – Band n258 (24 GHz) – Band n261 (28GHz) – Band n260(39 GHz)

5G UC device’s speed can be up to 20 times quicker than a 4G device’s speed.

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