What Graphics Card do I have?

An integrated circuit that generates the video signal sent to a computer display is called a Graphics Card. The graphics card is also known as a Video Card.

To find your graphics card details, follow these steps: – Click the ‘Start’ button. – On the start menu, click Run.

– In the Open box,Type ‘dxdiag and then click OK. – The DirectX Diagnostic tool opens. Click the Display tab. – On the Display tab, information about your Graphics Card is shown in the Device section.

There are mainly two types of graphics cards: Integrated Graphics Card and Dedicated or Discrete Graphics Card.

This is a graphics card which is built in a motherboard or processor where no add-on card is used. They are cost effective and can not be upgraded.

Integrated Graphics card

A dedicated graphics is a hardware used to manage graphics performance of the computer.

Dedicated Graphics card

The graphics programmers are creating more interesting visual effects and realistic scenes with the help of Graphics card.

Graphics cards perform parallel operations on multiple sets of data, they are widely used for scientific and artificial intelligence applications.

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