Speed Up Your Computer or Laptop With These Easy Tricks

Is your PC or Laptop taking too long to boot and open softwares? Are you troubled with these hanging problem?

Here is How you can Fix it by your own and speed up your Computer or Laptop

Scan for Viruses

If your PC/Laptop is taking too long to load, first thing you should do is check if it is infected by a virus or malware. You can use anti viruses to scan.

Uninstall Unwanted Applications

There are so many softwares that we installed back in past. But do not use them! Uninstall such unwanted applications.

Clean up your  Hard Disk Storage

If your Hard Disk is about to full, it might slow down the processes. So, better keep it clean.

Use CCleaner

CCleaner is a software that helps you clean junk files, temporary internet files at ease. Use it to clean up the device.


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