5 Reasons

not to buy an apple watch

Apple Watch is one of the best Smart Watches that ever exists! But, its not for everyone! Don't Buy one!

But Why?

Here are top 5 reasons why you should not Buy an  Apple Watch!

Needs to be charged  EVERY DAY!

Reason #1

It features a battery life of just 18 hours! So, you need to charge it every single day! Which really really sucks!

No iPhone No Watch!

Reason #2

The Apple Watch works only with an iPhone! So, if you don't have an iPhone, just don't buy it!

The Design isn't for Everyone

Reason #3

Not everyone likes a big square screened watch! Also sometimes it feels a bit annoying when you're typing on your laptop!

It won't force you to workout!

Reason #4

Many people buy it for the fitness features. But, if you're not motivated at your own, the Apple Watch won't force you to workout! You gotta do it yourself man!!!! Just don't buy it for the workout modes.

Cheaper Alternatives

Reason #1

There are so many companies in market right now! And are giving a good competition to apple watch. There is Samsung, Fitbit, Gramin etc. that can be purchased instead of Apple Watch


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