Must Know Shortcuts for MacBook Users

MacBook is one of the most powerful notebook by Apple

It is highly efficient and has a fast processing speed. But, you can speed up things even more with these useful commands.

If you own a Macbook, This Shortcuts are Must Know for you!

Command + W

Closes all the active windows. When you've opened multiple windows, closing each separately might become a little hectic. So, use this command to close them all at once.

Command + Comma (,)

If you want to change the preferences of an application you're working on, just use this shortcut instead of going to menu bar and navigating to preferences.

Command + F

Use Command + F when you're working on a document to find specific word.  Just after you press these keys, search box will open for you.

Command + Left / Right arrows

When browsing internet, you can press Command & Left arrow to go back to previous page and command + right to go one page forward.

Command +  Control + Q

When you're in a hurry and want to lock your MacBook, just press Command + Control + Q to quickly lock it.

Command + Shift + T

Closed a browser tab by mistake? You can reopen it by pressing Command + Shift + T together.


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