How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network?  - Easy Guide

Hackers are always looking for loopholes in Wi-Fi network security around the city.

And your home Wi-Fi could be an easy target if you do not make it secure.

Here are the tips to make your Home Wi-Fi Network Secure

Change Default Passwords of Wi-Fi & Admin Access

Never ever use the default password for Wi-Fi and Admin. Change them as soon as your new connection get activated

Change Default Name

Also don't forget to change the default Name (SSID) of your device.

Disable Remote Access

Hard Drives can remotely access internet via router. Which might make it easier for hackers to get access to your Wi-Fi

Turn off Wi-Fi when not in Use

Hackers can not attack devices that are not active! So, just turn the Wi-Fi off whenever you leave house or it is not in use.


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