How to  Screen Record  On Android???

If you want to record your screen on android, you can record it with or without sound in some easy steps

The inbuilt screen recorder is found in the notification panel. So swipe twice from the top of your screen.

If you re using it for the first time, screen recorder icon probably won”t be here, so tap the edit icon and drag screen record to your quick settings

Choose if you want to record audio with your screen recording and if you want to show where you touch the screen

Now, choose what you want to record and tap “start” .the screen recording started after the countdown

When you are done, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the screen recorder notification to turn it off.

You can see the screen recordings in your phone gallery. Tap library and then movies or videos to watch recordings.

These steps will work on android 11 or newer. If you have an older android device you can record the screen with a third party app.

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