How To Delete Apps On Android??

You can delete apps from your android phone which you install earlier

There are various methods to delete applications from an android phone

Deleting an app from phone settings

I) In the setting app select the “Apps” or “Apps and Notification” II) Tap the “See All Apps” button III) Find the app you want to remove and select the “ Uninstall” option IV) Now, the app will be deleted.

You can Delete the apps from Google Play Store also

I) Open the google play store II) Navigate the store page of the app you want to remove III) Now hit the uninstall button on the left of the green open button

IV) Now navigate to individual app store, and use the "uninstall" button  V) If you want to delete multiple apps from the menu, select it by tapping the checkbox on the right  VI) When you've selected the apps you want to uninstall, tap the trash icon, after confirming your choice, the chosen apps will be deleted.

Following method is probably the most straightforward. It should work on any recent android device.

I)  Find the app that you want to delete on your phone’s home screen, and tap and hold its icon II) This will cause a small menu to appear III) On the menu , tap “info” IV) You can see the “uninstall” button. After hitting the uninstall button the app will be deleted.