How to Delete an Instagram Account?

Your Profile, photos, videos, likes, comments and followers will be permanently deleted, when you delete your instagram account.

You can delete your instagram account on from mobile browser or computer with these steps:

– Go to the ‘Delete Your Account’ page. If you are not logged in  to Instagram on the web, you will be asked to log in first – Instagram asks you the reason why do you want to delete (username), select the option from drop-down menu below

– Instagram asks you to re-enter password, Enter your password again. – The option to permanently delete your account will appear after you selected the reason and entered your password. – Click or tap delete (Username).

If you have an iPhone you an delete your instagram account directly from the app

– Open your instagram and tap your profile picture in the bottom right. – Tap three horizontal lines in the top right,then tap settings. – Select Account, then tap delete account at the bottom.

– Tap delete account, then tap continue deleting account. – Select the option from the drop down menu. Why do you want to delete your account? – After re-entering your password, the option to permanently delete will appear. – Tap Delete (username), then tap ok to confirm.

After 30 days of your account deletion request, your account and all your information will be permanently deleted

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