How to deactivate an Instagram account?

If you want to deactivate your Instagram account, you can deactivate it from the browser or the Instagram app for iPhone only.

If you are deactivating your instagram account from your computer, follow these steps:

– Log into from your computer . – Click your Profile Picture in the top-right and click Profile, then click Edit Profile.

– Scroll down, then click Temporarily Deactivate My Account in the bottom right. – Select an option from the drop down menu next to why you want to deactivate your account?

– Re-enter your password, the option to deactivate your account will only appear after you select  the reason from the drop down menu and reenter your password – Click temporarily Deactivate Account. Click yes to confirm or no to cancel.?

If you are deactivating your Instagram Account from instagram app for iPhone, follow these steps

– Open the instagram app in your iphone and tap the profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. – Tap three horizontal lines in the top right, then tap on settings. – Tap Account, then select Delete account at the bottom.

– Tap deactivate account then select an option from the top drop down menu below why you want to deactivate your account. – Re-enter the password for your account . – Tap Temporarily Deactivate account.

Your profile, photos, comments, and like will be hidden until you reactivate your instagram account by logging back.

You can deactivate your Instagram account once in a week only.

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