How to Clear Instagram Cache?

Every device stores some cache files in its storage to make applications run smoothly.

 But this cache can sometimes make your device slower, so you may want to clear it.

You can clear your Instagram cache in very simple steps in iOS or android device

Here is how to clear the cache of Instagram in the iOS

I) Go to the “ Settings” II) Tap on iPhone  Storage in “general” III) Here, you'll see the list of apps on your phone. Select “instagram”  and tap Offload App.

If you have an android phone and want to clear the cache of Instagram. There are two ways to clear it

I) On your home screen tap and hold “ instagram” II)Select app info or i in circle III) Now tap on “storage uses” IV) Tap On the bottom right “clear cache”

You can also clear the cache of any app from “settings” too

I) Open the settings and search for the “apps” or “app or notification”. II) Now tap on “app management” III) Search ‘instagram” and tap on”storage uses” IV) And tap “clear cache” on the bottom right of the screen. too

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