How to clear  cookies on chrome?

The Google chrome saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies.

If you are facing any problems while browsing a website like formatting issues, it will be fixed after clearing cache and cookies.

You can clear the cookies on your computer with these few steps;

I) Open the Chrome on your computer. II) click More at the top right side III) Click More tools then click on Clear browser data.

IV) Choose the time range at the top or to clear everything, select All time V) Check the boxes Cookies and other site data and cached images and files VI) And then Click clear data

If you are using a phone (android or iPhone) or iPod and wants to clear the cookies on chrome then follow these steps

I) Open the Chrome on your device II) Tap on More and then select History III)  select Clear browsing data

IV) if you are using android choose the time range at the top , and select All time. And skip this step if you are using an iPhone or iPod. V) Make sure there are a check mark next to cookies and site data and cached image and file VI) tap Clear data or clear browser data

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