Tips to Boost Battery Life of Your iPhone

Scrolling the social media, chatting with friends, watching videos and everything you do on your iPhone impacts the battery life.

Today we will tell you how to Boost the Battery Life of your iPhone!

Don't keep the brightness level at full!

It is really important to manage the brightness level. You can adjust brightness by opening the control center and dragging the brightness slider down to lower the brighntess.

Use Low Power Mode

Whenever your device's battery level goes down to 20% or 10%, iPhone will ask you to use low power mode. Simply switch it on to make the battery last longer.

Limit App Notifications

Notifications also drain battery! Whenever a notification pops up, it turns on the display. So, limit the notifications from apps to save battery life.

Use the shortest time duration for auto-lock

Reducing the duration of Auto-Lock time will also help you save the battery of your iPhone.


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