Easy Methods to Convert Torrent Link into Direct Download


Before the emergence of streaming sites, people quite often rely on torrents to download a movie, music album, or any other similar audio video or digital stuff (including game, software etc.) though it appears as if an illegal task at times. Still if you want to download torrents, we will tell you how to do it better way and convert torrent link to direct download them with high speed.

But with the passage of time the usage have came down a bit, as many people find it difficult to get the torrent files downloaded. In order to overcome these difficulties some tech-geeks got a partial solution which allowed users to convert the torrent into a direct download link. This process can save most of the time waiting for proper online seeds. During this process when we convert a file through a website, the file is downloaded on the website’s server. Users are further provided with the direct link of the file hosted from respective servers.

The shortcoming of the former process, i.e.; downloading via a torrent client, is that too many leechers get attached to a single peer. Hence, the transfer rate gets slow down while providing the lumps of the file to too many clients resulting in hindrance for other patrons trying to download the same file. Therefore to overcome this shortcoming, we can convert the torrent into a direct download link.

This article touches working of torrents and addresses the key concern of users about how to convert torrented files to direct download.

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What Are Torrents?

The expression “torrent” refers to files exchanged on peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing network based on a decentralized mechanism. P2P file sharing system permits users to transfer files without uploading these to a host server.  The term may also include the file name extension or metadata that tells trackers about source and programs pertaining to the transfer of files.

How Torrents Work?

Any file can be initially uploaded by a user and then the torrent file for the same can be shared between users.  The users who have the torrent file can download it directly from the uploader. The torrent files get splits into smaller portions at the same time as it gets downloaded. People having these portions of the said files are called peers. Once download is over and user has the file in respective system, that user automatically becomes a Seeder. If the user now wishes to share the file with some other person, called a leecher in the process can get it download. The total count of Seeders and Peers will determine the downloading speed. As the number of seeders increase the process of download speeds up and when the number or leechers increase, the users experience a drop in the downloading speed.

Downloading Torrents – The Traditional Way:

Source : Tenor

The old school method for downloading files via torrents uses services from Torrent Clients like uTorrent or Bittorrent. Going by a normal way one can download a file with “.torrent” extension followed by downloading the main file with the use of a torrent client. One is required to perform following tasks to do so:

  1. While working with PC, you can download uTorrent or Bittorrent and if you are on Android try uTorrent or some other apps like Flud or aTorrent.
  2. After installing the necessary software/applications, you can simply add the torrent file and start downloading.

Direct download torrents without utorrent or any other torrent client

If you don’t want to download torrents using a torrent client, the question arises How to Convert Torrent to Direct Download Link? You can follow an alternative method which will allow you to convert torrented files to direct download. These methods can also be used to convert magnet link to IDM. So, you can download torrent with internet download manager. You can also call it cloud caching method because all you have to do is, take the magnet link to direct download the file for free with the help of some handy websites discussed below.

Convert torrent to direct download

Now let’s have  a look into the torrent downloading websites along with their pros and cons. But remember if the torrent has limited number of seeds the cloud caching sites will also take a long time to cache it. But before further discussion we would like to highlight the reasons why you should pick torrent to direct link converter online.

Benefits of converting torrent into direct download link

Source : Tenor

  • It does not matter how many files you are downloading.
  • Speed is comparatively faster even if seeds are less.
  • Torrent downloading client is not required.
  • Easy accessibility as it enables you to download the file in your mobiles too.
  • Torrent can be easily uploaded on cloud storage to download it later.
  • Also, you can smoothly play Torrent Movies/Videos online.

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It is the most popular site in the list and alternative of seedr.cc. If you need to get the job done in less time this is the best site to opt for. It has enough cloud storage and direct – download system.

Strengths(zbigz pros):

  • Secure communication with HTTPS.
  • Supports Magnet links and Torrent files
  • Good for the purpose of cloud storage.
  • Faster download speed.
  • Supports compression of folders and navigation of the downloaded torrent folder.
  • Allows direct stream torrent media files.

The weakness of ZBIGZ (zbigz cons):

  • Poor free /trial service
  • Limit of 1024 MB (1GB)
  • Also, the trial version has a limit of only 2 files in storage
  • The trial version won’t cache when you are away from the site.


This is one of the cool Torrent to direct download site. It has a simple interface and filestream.me is allowing magnets links and torrent files. Also, their free service offers some lovely features with a limit of 1gb. It has a very efficient caching system.

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Strengths (Filestream.me pros):

  • Simple to use with a straightforward interface.
  • It gives provision of navigation of downloaded folders for downloading of single files.
  • Also, it is possible to zip files before download.
  • You can get free service with a limit of 1gb.
  • No SSL security.

Weakness (Filestream.me cons):

  • No video preview available.


Seedr is one of the popular site to download torrents. If you are looking for a zbigz alternative with more than 1gb storage, this is the best option.

Strengths (Seedr.cc pros):

  • 2GB storage which can be increased to 6.5GB for FREE.
  • Store multiple files.
  • Fast download speed
  • Files can accessed from Desktop, Mobile Phone or Tablets.
  • Seedr offers a range of Premium Plans for more storage.

Weakness (Seedr.cc cons): 

  • You get limited space in the free version.
  • Also, it can be quite pricey for someone who is downloading a pirated version.

Official Website: Seedr.cc


Bitport is another good option amongst all the sites. With wonderful trial service you can download as zip or navigate the directory within your cached torrent. It also supports video thumbnail and preview feature. There is an option of converter for media related downloads.

Strengths (Bitport Pros):

  • Advanced media preview features
  • User has an option to navigate cached torrent folder or download as zip
  • Queuing and transfer manager is also available.
  • Free version allows download of Torrent larger than a trial limit of others.

Weakness (Bitport Cons): 

  • Complex user interface.
  • Trial version has a limited cloud space (2 GB)
  • Free trial contains a 100 MB per hour caching policy.


ByteBX is another Zbigz alternative which is also a good torrent to direct download site. It doubles up as a cloud storage for storing your files. Additionally, it allows media streaming and photo viewing straight from your drive. Even it has its own audio media player for playing uploaded files or cached torrent.

Strengths (ByteBX Pros):

  • Stream uploaded files.
  • User friendly.
  • Easy navigation of cached torrent
  • Upload your own files

Weakness (ByteBX cons):

  • Limited free trial.

So this is all about torrent to direct link converter online. For more tips and tricks, stay tuned with TheTechMirror.


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